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The Authentic Taste of Bengal - Banglar Bangalir

Sudhu Ilisher Janno ( Hilsa Festival 2020)
Ala Carte ( Hilsa Festival 2022)
Cold Drinks
Summer Special 2020
Drinking Water
Today's Special
Niramisher Bahaar (Veg Main Course)
Dimer Appaayan (Egg Main Course)
Macher Harek Meal (Fish Main Course)
Chetepute Mangsho (Chicken / Mutton Main Course)
Special Combo Meal (Self Explanatory)
Chicken / Mutton / Egg
Chingrir Barabari (Best Bengali Prawn Recipe)
Mach Bhaja
Sejeguje Veg (Bengali Veg excellence)
Bangalir Sharba Kaaler (Rare Bengali Recipe)
Pater Suru te Bhaja (Veg Fry)
Poripurok Daal (Different tasty Dal preparations)
Onanyor Matamati (Other Special non veg Bengali Delicacies)
Bhater Rokomari (All Types of Rice Orientation)
Ata Maidar Bahar (All Types of Atta & Flour Recipe)
Khichurir Bhinno Shaad (Hotch Potch Varieties)
Mukh Misti (Sweet Dishes)
Sesher Katha (End Items)

Terms :

* All the preparations mentioned in the menu are subject to availability.# Dubbawala has got every right for non-accepting orders due to non-availability of food being mentioned in the web site or other related issues # Minimum 2 hrs. time to provide after the order, for the preparation and ½ for delivery # Lunch Orders are usually be taken upto 10 am and Dinner orders upto 6pm # Time may vary due to other issues # Delivery in Plastic Containers on extra charges of Rs. 30 on per meal/Combo & Rs. 5 per Ala Carte else we deliver in our tiffin carriers at no extra cost if been granted by the Customer. # Customer has to return back the Tiffin Carrier immediately after Delivery after emptying the same in his / her container # *Free Delivery for any order amount between Taratolla to Joka and Behala, Behala Chowrasta, Silpara, Sakherbazaar Pailan, Tollygaunje, Kundghat / But for other places in South Kolkata Extra delivery Charges applicable as per distance # The Monthly Customers should pay 50% in advance for the daily consumption at Lunch & Dinner & a Tiffin Carrier (cost will be Rs.300 if brought from us) to be handed over to us for carrying the food # CASH / PAYTM PAYMENT ON DELIVERY for non monthly & Daily # We have lady cooks for homely cooking & a fleet of 5 delivery men with cycles & bikes for delivery # Beside the deliveries are also catered by Zomato, Swiggy, Food Panda, Uber Eats if ordered through them # Please call us immediately even though you are ordering through web site or through email

# Since no preservatives are used in our cooking, we strongly recommend removing the lids from the containers on receipt OR refrigerating the contents - if you intend consuming later. We also make personalized Bengali Food as per your requirement.


# Party, Picnic, Small Parties, Any Event Orders accepted # Rates are negotiable in case of bulk & catering orders & subject to change